Client Wallet Upgrade v2.3.4.1 ⭐

Client Wallet Upgrade from v2.2.6 to v2.3.4.1 on Linux
You can follow the instructions as explained below:
Step 1 : Stop the Current node client (version 2.2.6):
cd ~/<2.2.6directory>
Step 2 : Create a new directory for installation of new version and download the latest client (version click here or :
and verify that the signature is correct : gpg --with fingerprint
Step 3 :Unzip it in the directory :
cd coalculus
Step 4 : You can speed-up the blockchain download by moving the nxt_db folder from Coalculus version 2.2.6 to the installation directory of version :
Here is the nxt_db folder path :
From Version 2.2.6
From Version
Step 5 : Also Don’t forget to move file and
any other changes you’ve made to version 2.2.6 to the new installation directory of version
Here is the file path :
From Version 2.2.6
To Version
Any other changes you’ve made
Do the same changes you’ve done for 2.2.6
Start the Coalculus client
Step 1 : Now it's time to start the node.
You may start it by executing ./ or ./ --daemon for running the Coalculus node in the background, which you will find in the new coalculus directory.
The server will be active as soon as you see in the window a text similar to this: Coalculus server started successfully. This shell window will be running the Coalculus server and print all the Coalculus log messages, so it needs to stay running!
Step 2 : Open http://localhost:27876/ from a web browser to access the Coalculus Client.
Step 3 : Forge
NOTE: If you've installed the client on a dedicated server or VPS, you should change "localhost" to your Server/VPS IP.